Ultrathin Veneers

Ultrathin veneers are not only strong but aesthetically beautiful.

A Case-Specific Treatment

This style of veneer is very popular as it is the most conservative approach to cosmetic smile enhancements. Its design principles focus on minimal preparation of the teeth, which means very little tooth tissue is removed to achieve an excellent aesthetic result. As a consequence, it is also a very long-lasting treatment since most of the tooth structure is still intact underneath the veneer and has not been weakened in any way.

The treatment, however, is very case-specific due to the very thin and preservative nature of this type of veneer. The ultrathin veneers are often between 0.2mm and 0.4mm in thickness. Hence, this particular type of cosmetic treatment needs to be carried out by very highly skilled clinicians. Our cosmetic dentists in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire have been able to achieve some stunning results using ultrathin veneers and are well versed in the clinical techniques.

The Benefits of Ultrathin Veneers

Conservative Treatment

They require hardly any tooth preparation beforehand. This means that the teeth are not weakened in any way. Instead, ultrathin veneers form a protective layer on your teeth.

No Drill

In many cases, no drill is needed for this type of work. We only use the drill to roughen the glossy enamel surface to help with bonding.

Durable Treatment

Since the bonding is done primarily in the enamel layer (outer surface) of the tooth, the resulting bond strengths achieved are very high. This means this type of work is very long-lasting.

Comprehensive Smile Design

We still design your new smile based upon the health of the foundation of your teeth, the stability of your bite, and the final aesthetic outcome required. Hence you can obtain great-looking teeth that also function well.

Personalised Smile

This treatment can be used to integrate subtle changes in your smile or create more of a drastic smile makeover. We can give the illusion of straighter and cosmetically beautiful teeth. Whatever type of smile you want the choice is yours.

Exquisite Cosmetic Results

We can create beautiful aesthetic results due to the nature of the type of porcelain involved.

Combined with Orthodontics

This treatment is very popular in combination with orthodontic teeth straightening treatments. Since the teeth are already in line and ultrathin veneers can simply enhance the aesthetics of them, creating your perfect smile.

Minimal Post-Operative Sensitivity

Since hardly any enamel is removed, you are less likely to get the sensitivity of your teeth after treatment.

This is an excellent treatment for those looking for a long-lasting conservative approach to cosmetic dental teeth enhancement. We start the process by discussing your cosmetic needs after which we carry out a highly detailed assessment and smile analysis based in Hertfordshire.

This is when we assess your suitability for this type of treatment. We then formulate a treatment plan of the best way forward for you.


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