Trial Smile Bishop’s Stortford

A trial smile is unique to the patient and is the real secret behind our success. It is a dress rehearsal of how your veneers or new smile makeover will look. These temporary or porcelain veneers are designed to give you an excellent idea of how the final teeth will look.

This method gives you total control and predictability of your result. Therefore, during a cosmetic smile treatment, you are fitted with a trial smile on your first visit to our Bishop’s Stortford practice.

We want to give you an indication of how you can expect your final teeth to look. However, you still have time to make changes before the final fitting of the complete smile makeover. The trial smile is made of a tough plastic material. It is handcrafted, taking all the subtleties of aesthetics into account. We create a trial smile in your mouth and not on a model of your teeth so we can see exactly how the teeth should look.

Our Hertfordshire dentists can check to see if we are achieving the initial cosmetic goals we set out to achieve during the treatment planning stage. The creation of a trial smile is a very critical stage when changing the smile in any way regardless of the number of teeth involved. The same principles are followed whether two teeth or a fuller smile or ten teeth is being considered.

Help to Communicate Your Perfect Smile

In many instances, it is very difficult for a patient to communicate their cosmetic requirements since there is often no tangible way of explaining how they see things in their mind’s eye. The trial smile gives the patient a considerable amount of control of the final aesthetics.

Patients communicate better because they can see the creation of a smile that is the best result for them. Our dentists create the trial smile based upon their evaluation and cosmetic analysis. This means that the final result of the trial smile will be very close to the correct cosmetic result, providing something that the patient can easily review.

Subsequently, you will have an appointment for a trial smile review to assess for any changes. This is in our Bishop’s Stortford practice in Hertfordshire. After that, if there are still changes you would like then we can integrate them into our work, thus creating your perfect smile.

Trial Smile Review

The trial smile appointment is vital as it allows our Hertfordshire dentists to determine what you would like the outcome of your teeth to look like. The trial smile is a way of testing out a new appearance of your teeth to see if they suit you and whether this is the type of smile you wanted before you start your cosmetic journey.

The smile is fitted on the first treatment appointment after your examination and treatment planning session. You will get another appointment, usually a week later, to discuss your thoughts. This is called a trial smile review appointment.

The Final Fit

The final fit of your porcelain veneers will only occur once you have confirmed that you like your new smile the way we have designed it. If you don’t like the final result, we can make the necessary changes until you give us the go-ahead. We only create smile makeovers or veneers based upon your unique requirements at our dentist in Bishops Stortford.

The Process

Step 1

We look at whether the aesthetics are mirroring your desired cosmetic result. We can make any necessary changes so by the time we come to the final fit of the veneers they are precisely how you perceived your new smile to be. We look at the position of the teeth, shape, form, symmetry and colour. We also want to make sure that the new smile suits your facial structure.

Step 2

We look at whether your bite and functioning of your teeth are harmonious without any teeth having more pressure on them than others. We are trying to create a stable bite without interference from teeth in the wrong position. In some treatment plans, we aim not to change or alter your original bite at all when creating a new smile. However, in other circumstances, we may need to re-establish a more stable bite, especially if this has been lost over the years due to tooth loss or wear.

Step 3

We look at the dynamics of how you chew. We want your mouth to feel comfortable and for you to be able to chew in an improved way.


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