Lumineers Bishop’s Stortford

Like traditional veneers, Lumineers consist of a thin shell of porcelain that is placed and bonded over your teeth. Each tooth that needs treating or is part of the smile being corrected will need its own Lumineer or veneer.

Since Lumineers is its own brand, the treatment can only be carried out using a specific laboratory that uses this brand of porcelain and specific associated techniques to create each veneer.

Lumineers are a Minimally Invasive Veneer Treatment

At Hockerill Dental, we oversee this innovative treatment that uses extremely thin veneers to prevent the over-preparation of teeth. Thus, helping teeth to keep its structural integrity intact. This has made Lumineers a minimally invasive treatment conserving tooth enamel.

Our Lumineers treatment is incredibly popular as they are thinner than traditional veneers. Whilst traditional veneers can be from 0.5mm thick, Lumineers are created to be only around 0.2mm thick.

Traditionally, with veneer treatment, the dentist may need to reshape the original tooth to accommodate the new smile. The dentist usually needs to over-prepare the teeth by cutting into them. However, with Lumineers, the dentist does not need to do this to such an extent. This particular feature makes Lumineers a conservative and preservative treatment.

Innovative Bonding Techniques

In most cases, the Lumineers are simply fitted over your original teeth. We use technically advanced bonding agents that almost fuse the porcelain to your enamel surface. This makes Lumineers extremely strong when bonded, and hence, they can last a very long time.

Quick, Easy & Painless

Since Lumineers do not need the additional time involved in preparing the teeth, this treatment is very quick and easy to do. Also, since no more tooth enamel is being removed, the procedure is painless and very comfortable. We provide dental care for nervous patients.


Veneers are a great solution to aesthetically enhancing the look of teeth as well as making them appear straight. This is especially due to the fact that they are custom-made for your unique situation. Similarly, Lumineers are also customised for your particular smile in shape and shade. We’ll be able to oversee the entire process of making your unique veneers at our Bishop’s Stortford dental clinic.

Lumineers are great for situations involving any of the following:

  • Teeth that have gaps between them or are chipped/fractured teeth
  • Discoloured teeth/cracked teeth that are undergoing chronic trauma
  • Misshapen teeth or stained teeth

The Lumineer Process

First, we evaluate and assess your mouth and teeth. After that, we carry out treatment planning for cosmetic work. You then choose your customised treatment plan.

  • If you choose Lumineers, we take any necessary records and moulds needed to manufacture the Lumineers
  • We create the Lumineers according to your smile plan
  • Once made, they are tried then fitted over your teeth using unique bonding methods
  • You enjoy your new smile

Easy Maintenance

Lumineers are easy to maintain just like your normal teeth. You can continue to floss and brush your teeth regularly without any additional techniques.

Suitability of Treatment

Although Lumineers are suitable for many, they may not be ideal for everyone and every situation. For instance, if you need to cover heavily stained teeth that have intrinsic staining, then due to the wafer-thin nature of Lumineers, it may not provide the coverage necessary and hence, would not be advised.

Also, there may be other situations where the bite and Lumineers will not last as long. Therefore, it is essential that you are assessed carefully with a comprehensive examination, and undergo a full Smile Analysis. This will determine if you are suitable for this type of treatment.

Our highly qualified cosmetic dentists will discuss all possible options and solutions with you to ascertain the best way forward for you depending on your specific cosmetic needs and your oral situation.

We Can Change Three Main Aspects of the Smile:

The Colour

This can be your choice, and we will plan the correct shade of teeth for you. Modern dentistry now affords a considerable palette of the colour “white” so we can create really natural-looking teeth.

The Positioning of the Teeth

A smile makeover can give the illusion of straighter and complementary to the face teeth. It can make rotated or crooked teeth appear in line with the rest of the smile. This is done by designing a new smile that takes this consideration into account.

The Shape of the Teeth and Smile

Our Hertfordshire dentists design a unique smile creation using our Smiles2SuitU technique. This smile design provides information on which teeth we need to reshape and how. It also gives us information about what type of form of teeth is best suited to your facial shape. We then incorporate these features into your new smile.

We can use a variety of techniques to create different types of new smiles:

  • The Natural Smile
  • The Hollywood Smile
  • The Bollywood Smile
  • The Glamour Smile
  • The Realistic Smile
  • The Perfect Smile
  • The Personalised Smile

The best thing about a smile makeover is that it can be completely personalised to suit your specific cosmetic needs. A smile makeover can be used to make a complete transformation in how you appear. Alternatively, we can create subtle nuances that enhance your smile, making it better but not so different.

Sometimes, a person may only be looking for very soft and subtle changes or perhaps only need one or two teeth changed while the rest can be simply whitened – we call this a mini-makeover since only some things are being improved. You will end up with a great realistic smile as a result.

The Choice of a New Smile is Totally Up to You

The process of your new smile starts with a smile analysis and examination at our dentist in Bishop’s Stortford. This helps us to create a unique treatment plan of action just for you.


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