At Hockerill, we strive to offer the best service to our patients, our aim is to provide quality dental care on schedule and to use clinical time effectively.

To achieve this aim we have an appointment cancellation policy:

Cancellation of appointments:

Patients are requested to give at least 48 hours’ notice to cancel a dental appointment.  Cancellations should be made by telephone on 01279 652400, leaving a message if the practice is closed.  Alternatively by email: [email protected]

Fees for cancelled or missed appointments:

There is a fee for Private appointments that are cancelled with less than the 48 hours’ notice required and no further appointment will be made until this has been settled in full.

The charge is based on the appointment length, if cancelled within 48 hours the fee is 50% of your appointment length (for example if your appointment was one hour your charge would be £30 etc.)

If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours or miss your appointment you will be charged the full fee of £1 per minute (one hour would be £60 etc.)

Any appeals about missed or cancelled appointments should be made in writing to Samantha Chilcott (Practice Manager)



This policy was implemented on 25/02/2019
This policy was revised on 25/06/2019
This policy was reviewed on 25/06/2021
This policy was reviewed on 07/10/2022
This policy was reviewed on 06/07/2023
Date for next review 06/07/2024