Composite Bonding

Do you struggle with a discoloured tooth? Perhaps you have gaps between your teeth or a chip that’s knocking your confidence? If so, composite bonding may be the perfect solution.

Composite Bonding can transform your smile in a pain-free, non-invasive way in as little as one visit.

We all have imperfections or something we feel could be improved, but with composite bonding, you can enhance your smile without the need for costly, time-consuming and invasive treatments.

What is composite bonding?

Ideal for minor dental issues such as chips, fractures, gaps or discolouration, composite bonding is a cosmetic treatment. It involves a composite resin being applied to the affected tooth or teeth to reshape or restore it to its original appearance.

It’s a popular option for those looking for a natural-appearing smile on a budget, as composite bonding is matched to your natural tooth colour and is much more affordable than other cosmetic treatment options.

What are the benefits of composite bonding?

Not only is composite bonding very accessible due to its affordability, but it can also be done in just one session. It doesn’t require the sort of preparation work that veneers or crowns require and can be set before you leave our clinic through fast-acting UV light treatment which sets the resin quickly.

It’s the perfect solution for those looking to correct small issues, and the best part is that as long you maintain your smile through daily brushing and regular dental appointments, your composite bonds should last for many years.

Why choose Hockerill Dental for your composite bonding?

As one of the most trusted dental practices in Bishops Stortford, we’re proud to offer a broad range of treatments to our valued patients. We’ve been operating since the 1960s, and in that time we’ve been finalists for the Private Dentistry Awards for our customer-focused approach to dentistry.

Whether you’re a nervous patient, have a complex dental history or haven’t been to the dentist in years, we can help. So, if you’re looking to improve your smile with composite bonding, look no further than Hockerill Dental.

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