Implant Planning

Dental implants provide a great form of treatment for restoring missing teeth. We must consider all factors when deciding on the suitability of dental implant treatment so we can select the most appropriate solution for you.

Our Dental Implant Treatment Plan

As soon as you book a free consultation at our dental clinic, we can begin planning your unique treatment plan.

Before considering this treatment, you need to have a consultation in our Bishop’s Stortford practice so we can determine your specific needs. We will carry out an implant examination together with radiographs that inform us of your suitability.

To consider implant treatment, we need to assess the height, volume, and quality of bone in your jaw. We determine this using radiographs (X-rays). We will also need to check your medical health in detail to make sure nothing is contraindicated and that the procedure is safe for you.

After this, we formulate a customised treatment plan, having selected the right type of implant system for you. This plan helps us understand the advantages and disadvantages of your specific treatment. We can discuss any potential risks and help make this treatment as safe as possible. We also want to plan for great aesthetics and facial support.

In some instances, you may need additional procedures such as bone grafts. In this procedure, we add bone from other parts of the body (or artificial bone) to the jaw to re-establish the required bone depth and height for implant placement. You may also need gum grafts for better aesthetic results.

If your implant consultation is to resolve loose denture issues, we can successfully mend that problem by fixing your dentures to implants.

There are various considerations to be taken into account when treatment planning for dental implants:

  • The number of teeth being replaced
  • The treatment goal whether aesthetic or function or both
  • The choice of the preferred implant system
  • If any pre-implant treatments are required
  • The final required cosmetics
  • Any medical contraindications
  • The condition of the remaining teeth
  • Do we need implant-supported crowns, bridges or dentures?
  • Is any temporary treatment required whilst osteointegration is occurring?
  • Patient’s budget

You can book a free consultation in which we’ll provide you with further information about our dental implant treatments.

Innovative Choice of Implants

Due to technological advancements, it is possible to select dental implants that fit a wide range of circumstances. Therefore, dental implants are chosen according to the compatibility and suitability of the oral condition.

This includes the following considerations for selection:

  • Implants vary in length and width to accommodate the space in the jaw requiring a new tooth. A narrow implant is selected for lower front teeth whilst a wider one may be required for replacing molar teeth. A shorter implant is selected when there is insufficient bone, and bone grafting is not a possibility.
  • There are innovative surfaces created to encourage optimal osseointegration of the implant to the bone. These include the encouragement of bio-physical connections through cell-sized channels lasered into the implant surface, micro-mechanical integration and a fluoride-modified nano-structure.
  • The threading of the screw-like shape of the implant can be designed for deeper placement to create good primary stability, which is excellent for immediate loading cases. There are varying levels of aggressiveness depending on the brand of implant.
  • The unique design of the implant can be chosen according to the treatment objectives.
  • The material the implant is made of also varies and is selected to match the patient. This can include porcelain implants as well as those made of titanium alloy.

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