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Hockerill Dental is a modern and innovative clinic, which offers affordable treatments that last. From cosmetic procedures to general dentistry, our dentists in Farnham are more than equipped to transform your smile into one to be proud of.

Why choose dentists in Farnham?

Our combined years in the industry mean we’re able to put patients at ease when completing cosmetic and general dentistry, teeth straightening, dental implants and veneers. By providing a relaxed atmosphere, there’ll be no hesitation when it comes to booking your dental appointment, as you’ll have the confidence that you’re improving your smile every time you visit.

Hockerill Dental is widely known for being the hub of calm and reassuring dentists in Farnham. Specialising in treating those with anxiety and nervousness when it comes to dental treatments, our team provide a calm environment that makes the experience as comfortable as possible.

Helping you through every step of the process, we offer multiple appointments to spread out the treatment length – you don’t have to worry about rushed procedures when you choose us.

Everyone deserves healthy teeth and gums, which is why we offer a dental care plan to fit in with your monthly budget. This includes exclusive privileges and continued support to make maintaining your oral health simple, easy and affordable.

Our Farnham dentists work with our clients to plan and provide the best service possible, using feedback as a learning resource to build on our knowledge and perfect our clinic experience.

Healthy teeth mean more than just achieving the desired look, it gives you the self-esteem to talk, laugh and smile with those around you, without having to worry about what you look like. We offer cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and veneers to fix chips, discolouration and gaps in a natural-appearing and noninvasive way.

If you’re unsure about the treatment that’s right for you, our dentists in Farnham are able to point you in the right direction and offer you an appropriate solution.

Contact Hockerill Dental today for dentists in Farnham 

If you’re looking for a dentist you can trust, our Farnham dentists are the team to consider. With comfort being our main priority and flexible payment options available, you never have to worry about feeling nervous about dental treatments ever again.

To enquire today, you can fill out our online enquiry form, send us an email or give us a call to chat with one of our experts directly. From here, we can recommend the solution for you to create the smile you deserve.

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How do I book a consultation with a dentist in Farnham?

Booking a consultation with one of our dentists in Farnham couldn’t be easier. 

You can call us on 01279 652400 to speak to a member of our reception team and book an appointment over the phone. Or if you prefer, send us an email with the treatment you’re interested in and we’ll get back to you with more information and our available appointment times. 

The easiest way to organise a consultation is by booking online. You can see our available dates and times, as well as information about each consultation type – all you need to do is select the service and appointment that suits you best.  Make sure to include as much information as you can about why you’re interested in the treatment so we know what to expect when you arrive. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

I’m a nervous patient, can a dentist in Farnham help?

We understand that some patients may fear the dentist, for a variety of reasons. 

For some, it can be because of a past experience, while other patients have a fear of the unknown and avoid appointments and treatments. 

Here at Hockerill Dental, we do what we can to make nervous patients feel at ease and as comfortable as possible. We can play calming music, schedule longer or additional appointments, and take out time to explain each step so patients know what to expect. 

Your dentist in Farnham will be more than capable of answering any of your questions so you feel confident in their hands when receiving a checkup or undergoing treatments. 

Book a consultation today and make sure you specify your dental anxiety so we can plan our time accordingly.

How important are general dentistry appointments?

Regular checkups with your dentist in Farnham are make or break when it comes to oral health. If you don’t see us often, any infections, inflammation or concerns will be left unnoticed and untreated, running the risk of developing into something more serious. 

For adults, it’s advised you visit your dentist 1-2 times a year. If you’re at risk of developing oral diseases, or other dental problems, you’re likely to be requested to book appointments more frequently, so your dentist can keep an eye on you and your health. 

At Hockerill Dental, our general dentistry appointments include dental hygiene advice, gum treatments and even diabetes screenings. We’ll also ask you about your at-home oral hygiene routine and give you some tips on tricks on how to improve the health of your teeth and gums between appointments. 

Call us now to book a routine dental checkup.

How do I know what treatment I need when I visit a dentist in Farnham?

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what treatment you need before visiting us – that’s our job. 

At your appointment, you’ll be asked what you’d like to achieve if it’s more than just a checkup. Your dentist in Farnham will then run through our available treatment types and explain each one before creating a treatment plan tailored to your needs. 

While the final decision is up to you, we’ll recommend the most suitable option for you, based on your oral health, the desired result and your lifestyle. 

Get in touch today to find out more and meet with a member of our team.


You can call us on 01279 652400 or fill out the form here for more information on all our treatments.